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April 14 2024

late again >_< i want to be free from writing essays and coding homework!!! im looking forward to my summer break.. ah. spring is around at my campus and while pretty my poor allergies, my poor nose.. in news, in the time i take breaks from college assignments ive been looking at dragons dogma II a lot, it gives me high hopes for what capcom's going to do for the upcoming monster hunter game. i'm listening to a lot of soft jazz lately, like bossa nova. im getting more used to java coding these days, so coming back to writing my paragraphs in html is a little jarring, lol. looking back at some of my blogs from the past summer break, i was too excited for college, now all i want is to be lazy again... (╯•﹏•╰) i'll work hard to finish my CS project. this month's theme: the peaceful song Wonder Teo from the old windows computer game Fin Fin: On Teo, the Magic Planet developed by Fujitsu in 1996. EVEN more than ecco the dolphin (!!), the most 90s-2000s game youve ever seen, i saw it played a while back and its just too cute and atmospheric. something for the future: would be fun to make a review of this game on my page, if my computer could run it, lol. here's a link to the full ost, cause its so nice! these types of tamogotchi-style taking care of/visiting animal games were so popular. i would like to live on the planet teo, even just for a day..

March 13 2024

a little late, midterms kept me away >_< im on my spring break and enjoying the tekken 8 story mode a little bit more as well as some others (i left my switch at my dorm T_T) im keeping the tekken theme going, its all too good, here's this month's theme is King's Tekken arcade 2 theme, (Arcade and later Playstation, 1995). what an era of music!!!! tekken's music continues to wow me, fantatstic tributes to edm. love the yakushima stage theme and the ortiz farm theme in 8, awesome. i'm curating a tekken playlist on spotfiy, post it here soon!

February 25 2024

my birthday! i am 19 years old. happy about my ambitions and having a goodtime in school, ill work hard for next years birthday as well. my little website has been my fun place to talk about things i like, video games and manga and much more, happy 2 years! i spent my birthday weekend with some friends, and we (finally) watched house 1977 together. a movie ive wanted to fully watch for a while, while not perfect so visually unique and silly. i'll hopefully put up a review of it cause it was so much fun :). in news, the shadow of the erdtree (elden ring) dlc comes soon, march will come quick. looking forward to it, some really cool looking bosses in the trailer. cheers!

February 8 2024

this month i will turn 19! and of course, its the second anniversary of elden ring and my website. calculus is getting me down.......... in the meantime, i bought a sonic poster for my room. my figurines cheer me on.. Tekken 8 has since come out and i've really been enjoying keeping up with it, i watched the first tournament on the weekend of the release. death stranding 2 had a new trailer come out as well, super cool. i will look forward to more from hideo kojima, i think he brings wonderful creations into the world of video games and his ideas are like no other. for the tekken celebration: this month's song is Xiaoyu's Stage Theme from Tekken Tag Tournament (1999, Arcade, PS2)

January 30 2024

happy second aniversario of the day i began to make my website! the true second anniversary comes on feb 25, which i will look forward to. i haven't had a lot of time to add on things since college, but i still enjoy updating and sharing information and music.

January 1 2024

buon anno! happy new year. on new years eve, i went to the movie theater and watched godzilla minus one. really incredible! i think it was best movie ive seen all year. i really should watch shin godzilla as well, but havent got around to it. i really enjoyed how the movie incorporated the original godzila score into the soundtrack. today i will drink tea and read my library books about computer hardware. there is some nice things abut the years going by, i am happy to be happy, even if it is just small things. i wished that i could do well last year, and i will do the same this year! this month's theme: Lucid Rhythms from Ridge Racer Type 4 (1999, PS). also, i want to reccomend my jazz playlists (1, 2) on youtube to share the wonderful (non video game ost) music i've been listening to lately.

December 26 2023

happy christmas 2023! im playing a lot of monster hunter gu on my break. i bought a monchichi plush keychain and a super sonico figure. i ate panettone and orange chocolate, my love orange chocolate... i feel like ive been in an elden ring mood again as well. right now im' listening to hako yamasaki's tobimasu album (1975). very good music, i really reccomend it. beautiful and touching! perhaps if i get around to including more mixed media on my review and reccomendations page, ill include some of her stuff. see you new years~ [funny story: i couldn't for the life of me remember where the tilde (~) symbol was on mac. i stared at my keyboard for ages...]

December 15 2023

decmber was here! not much to say, i finished my first semester and am on break, happy.. i am resting sleeping forever, i got scolded for sleeping too much >-< lol. for the song of the month: White Sugar from Killer 7 (2005, PS2) very jazzy and lovely song composed by Masafumi Takada.

November 29 2023

busy these days as semester comes to an end. but i wanted to share–– after hearing many reccomendations, i started to read the manga "she loves to cook and she loves to eat" its really cute. i like reading about adult women for a change instead of yuri/wlw manga that is typically centered around highschoolers. the two characters interact well and its nice. shimeji simulation ended recently, but i have a lot of catching up to do.

November 7 2023

november already >w< where does the time go. right now its 8:46 pm, i just finished an essay today, im listening to watashitachi o shinjite ite off of cindy's angel touch album (1990). my rei asuka figure collection is updated again, four in total. i had a nice halloween with friends. we watched one of the new evil dead movies that came out this year, was alright. i've still yet to watch house (1977), hopefull i can find some time before this semester ends. ive reached the dwelling period of my semester when i just wish it was over and next semester would come T_T. my club's got fun plans, though, and i have some excitin stuff to work on myself, hopefully i can share my programming project on here when the semester is over and ive finished. ive slept alot lately and gotten a lot of rest! this month's song: Joy from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 (2006, PS2).

October 13 2023

Happy october! a little late this month. leaves r falling an its getting cold. i struggle with the wind the most. i finally got my computer mouse fixed... ah bluetooth gives me so much trouble i hate wireless... in the end i couldn't decide whether october's theme shoulgd be pikmin or runescape. so it was runscape! theme of the month: Sea Shanty 2 from Runescape (PC, 2001).

September 24 2023

started watching tv show twin peaks. as a fan of david lynch's dune i wanted to get into other david lynch things, and twin peaks is one ive always heard about.. not bad so far and a big fan of the soundtrack. very moving.......... my packages came in the mail and now joined me on my desk are asuka and rei and bridget to give me strength during the times when my calculus homework makes me cry lol. I'm already thinking about next month's song of the month!

September 10 2023

joined my university's acm computer science club, yay:) not much goin on, just work. i ordered recently: a ggstrive bridget figure, a rei and asuka figure set, and a rei tamagotchi. now, ill visit the ebay page daily and stare longingly until they are shipped... this month's song: Vs. Mode Battle Theme from Pokemon Colosseum (2003, GC).

August 27 2023

ive moved into college this past week has been my first week. i've put some photos on my tumblr and twitter pages. i'm happily enjoying my programming class, yay! in college, there will be sometimes when i wont be able to update my website as frequent. i am looking forward to more prosperous times. in other news, tekken 8's release date was recently revealed. looking forward to january as well!

August 1 2023

the days are counting down until i go to college on the 16th. i bought monter hunter generations ultimate recently, i like the playstyle a lot more than world and rise. going to college means ill probably be awfully busy, but hopefully i can still find some time to provide updates about myself and also for the site. buona fortuna... may good fortune arrive to me in the days to come! the song of the month has to be Killing Moon, Akuma's theme from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (1999, CPS-3). i just did a song from this soundtrack two months ago, but i eally have to again... its too good.

July 4 2023

Today i watched the movie Project A-ko (1986), i really liked it and might check out some of the other ovas attached to the franchise. what really hooked me upon the first minutes was the music, just awesome, very 80s synth. i will put a review up soon, so stay tuned for that. recently, i bought some of the big 2-in-1 mangas for ranma 1/2 and inyuasha. often when i go to update my diary blog, i think, "ah, time goes so fast and i didnt get to writing more than one thing for last month.." but i think i must be lazy because i also really want some months to go by so i can go to college. i should tell myself, you should wish for your summer to go so fast! so its july, the month's theme is the wonderful Main Theme from Chrono Trigger (1995, SNES). thank you to mitsuda and uematsu for such a great soundtrack!

June 10 2023

Yesterday, I graduated from highschool. I had a nice celebration with some family members and was happy to eat good food, i think it was my motivator.. i will do important things for the joy of arancini and tiramasu. i have been playing more botw and having a nice time. its neat how good the open world exploration feels compared to other open world games ive played in the past. this month's theme is from an ost that ive been listening to quite a lot lately: China Vox from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (1999, CPS-3). The ost for this game is really a product of its era, with all of the 90s DnB sound. celebrations for june–– happy pride month, and happy 25th anniversary, serial experiments lain! an anime that will awalys be near and dear to my heart.

May 17 2023

i might move stuff around later, but now my website is azumanga daioh osaka-themed. TLOz: tears of the kingdom came out a few days ago, but i never got around to playing breath of the wild. it was a must-have for the switch ever since it came out, but i never played it myself despite knowing a lot about it and enjoying the music to a great degree. well, guess what came in the mail today! now ill play it, and perhaps get totk in the future. i'll bring botw with me to college as well and play it during downtime.

May 4 2023

i became a busy bee during april and didnt have time to say or update anthying, i am sorry TT. i made a lot of important decisions. i made my college decision, so now i will be officially a computer science student in august! it is an exciting time, i will also graduate high school in a month, too. ive returned now for may. may the fourth be............ perhaps ill watch my star wars vhs tonight, lol. in addition, i think i want to update the theme of the website in a little bit, i think i want to change the color and make it themed to yotsuba or azumanga daioh. so for may, i think the track of month is Akrillic from Plok! (1993, SNES). see you soon!

March 10 2023

the first days of spring are soon to come. today it is really rainy out, though.. i like marzo almost as much as i like february, and i like the month of january a lot too. i think the first 3 months of the year are the nicest. my song of the month for march will be Haluci Theme from The New Tetris (1999, N64). i have been really into this soundtrack lately the soungs are quite nice.

February 25 2023

it is my birthday and it has been one year since my first blog update! i think i had a simple celebration this year, too, i ate tiramasu cake and coconut italian cake. it is strange to look back at my first blog and be able to remember writing it exactly one year ago... wow..! i feel lucky that my birthday can now be the anniversary for elden ring, i will eat peach rings to celebrate. by the time my birthday comes around next year, ill be in college, so i wonder how much things will change for me after one year, i hope me in the future can do well.

February 2 2023

my birth month of february is a good time of the year. more than anything, i am always thankful to grow older. February is also another anniversary for my website– when i made my first blog! my first blog was kind of like the finalizer for my website to be up. my song of the month for february is Theme of Eastern Story from TouHou Project, Highly Responsive to Prayers (1996, PC-98). I'm surprised i havent thought to put in a touhou song yet, so ill start with a rather iconic theme of touhou, the bgm can be found in many other touhou songs since the series went to Windows. As it might be called "great grandpatriarch of the Touhou series bgm."

January 30 2023

It has been one year since i started to make my website! i have done a lot since then and i have had a lot of fun. my website makes me happy! i hope i can add a lot more to it this year and improve my skills.

January 7 2023

happy new year, year of the rabbit! i had a pretty tame celebration, i spent new years eve and day watching bocchi the rock and drinking lots of tea. i really liked bocchi, so i feel inspired to perhaps read the manga and am looking forward to season 2. i gave the website a new theme – yume nikki themed – for the new year. the new year song of the month is DK Island Swing from Donkey Kong Country (1994, SNES). Rareware made some great music.

December 30 2022

the year is almost over. for christmas, i got vhs tapes for ghost in the shell and dune. im especially glad about ghost in the shell, it is such an incredible and atmospheric movie to own. the soundtrack is incredible and even sounds great on my loudly whirring vcr! i got myself pokemon arceus as well, its a good game and ive been playing it alot. recently i also watched both of the blade runner movies. these days, im usually not watching modern movies, but the 2017 sequel to the 1982 original was pretty neat and well done.

December 4 2022

dicembre! the website has reached a small milestone– over 5,000 vistors. the website looks a lot different from early january, but some things are still the same. it will be the one year anniversay soon.. one year already.. i have been compiling early internet pictures of cats next to computers recently. the song of the month is going to be Wet Dry World from Super Mario 64 (1996, Nintendo 64). a song that does NOT have a negative aura.

November 13 2022

it is november. there is not a lot happening to me. these days, i am listening to babymetal a lot more.. every now and then i have times where i just cant get enough of babymetal, i could make a media blog about them, perhaps after their new album in january comes around? i really only do game soundtracks as song of the month, but if i didnt i would feature babymetal, lol. so the month's theme should be from Yume Nikki (2004, Windows), the ost song Shield-Folk World.

October 31 2022

happy haloween! i watched the italian movie 'phenomena' from 1985. it inspired the 1995 super famicom (it never had an international release to the SNES) classic Clock Tower. the main character jennifer corvino directly inspires clock tower's main character jennifer simpson, and the villian is somewhat similar. i found it charming, with a really good soundtrack that features iron maiden! i only wish that there were more scenes that showed jennifer corvino's power of understanding and controlling insects, i thought it was quite neat. i still liked it alot, i've been thinking ill buy some more vhs tapes online, so in addition to dune 1984 perhaps ill look for phenomena too.

October 9 2022

and then october is here.. some good news! i should be done with college applications and college preperations by the end of this month. then i can get back to what really matters– my website :) ill be able to work on updates more freely. until then... the song of the month is Twilight Realm from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (2006, GC). a bit of an eeerie theme for the halloween season :>

September 30 2022

the last day of september, already. school has kept me outta working on updates forawhile, cause ive been busy getting ready to apply for college. im thinking i will maybe update the homepage's images and maybe the color blue is a bit too much on my eyes these days.. right now its been very rainy cause of the hurricane on the coast of near where i live (hurricane season is truly awful. i want to live in the north!) and im writing after the lights have flickered once! i recently started to read shimeji simulation by the girls last tour author, and i like it a lot. i think tsukumizu's way of writing is nice, and there are a lot of cute scenes between the two characters.

September 5 2022

it is september.. which means i have gone back to school. though its my last highschool year and then i can go to college which i am happy about college is one step closer to achiveing my small dreams of being able to own large collections of games and such when i live on my own. though school time is saddening because it means i cant do stuff i like as much.. i wont be able to play games as frequently and wont be able to update my website all too often. but this month's theme is a good one: the aztec monkey rave event song from Yume Nikki (2004, Windows). you can listen to it here. id like to use more yume nikki ost in the future!

August 7 2022

in recent weeks i started watching ranma 1/2. ive wanted to for a while and since i recently finished an anime it was time to start a new one. i will probably watch some more shorter ones as well since ranma is quite long. its a shame that the anime and to an extent the manga are both inconclusive - although the viewer knows akane and ranma clearly in love, so i guess that's the ending in a way - but i really like it and its very fun to watch. im not sure if harem tropes are ever my favorite, but im still really enjoying it. i like ranma's character, and how ranma comes to like both the male and female sides of himself (or herself) equally, and female ranma is so cute. i have put the song of the month for august as Simian Segue, the map/level select theme of Donkey Kong Country (1994, SNES). You can listen to it here!

July 24 2022

the first review is complete :] my review of key the metal idol is on my review page. I also have added a vistor count to my homepge, cuase i though it would be cool. I still want to make a side bar, but i think i need to figure it out a little more..

July 22 2022

tonight i finished key the metal idol. i'll save the long talk about it for my review page, but it really was a good watch, a really intersting experience. my review page is what i'll be working on in the next few days and key's review will have the honor of the first review, with screenshots!

July 7 2022

it is the 24 anniversary of serial experiments lain (july 6 1998), one of my favorite anime :). in honor, ill share my favorite favorite soundtrack from the ost which is Mist of a Different Dimension. i'm stil on the tracks of finishing Key the Metal Idol (i didn't expect the last two episodes to be 90 mintues! ;-;), but it also has an opening that reminds me of lain's, and really key the metal idol has a lot of theme simliar to lain with technology.. two great animes that i'll always reccomed to everyone and that inspired a lot of even cooler stuff. This month's theme is Title Theme from TLOZ: Ocarina of Time (1998, N64).

June 10 2022

it is june, this month i am waiting for monster hunter rise sunbreak to release and then i will play that for months and months.. hehe. i have decided the song of this month is Beach from Plok! for the SNES (1993). you can listen to it here! the plok soundtrack gets a ton of love online but it really is fantastic.. tim follin is a music genius..

May 15 2022

an update to my website, tonight i worked on it a little bit more, added more pictures and gifs and edited some of the styling of the text. also, i thought it would be fun to add a song of the month! so this month of may 2022 the song of the month is South Cape, The Town By The Sea from Illusion of Gaia for the SNES (1993). you can listen to it here!

April 18 2022

i watched the the sonic 2 movie today. pretty good! i liked it alot more than the first, it was nice to have 3 sonic characters in it. i really liked movie knuckles and tails. im also really excited for the third movie whenever it comes out next year (february 2023 is what i saw recently) the post credit scene with shadow was neat, i wonder if they would include all of team dark in the next movie?

March 26 2022

second blog..im unsure if i wanted to have a time i always make a new blog but it ends up being me documenting whenever there is something fun to share. not too much interesting stuff happened to me. i was able to move my grandmothers old and unused vcr to my room! though the only vhs tape i have right now is pulp fiction. so i can only watch pulp fiction... ill look out for somemore, id like to get david lynch's dune..i really like dune!! and the 1984 version is the one i find to be the best. i watched the remake recently it wasnt bad but i like the design and actors in 1984 dune a lot more. i feel like paul's character was not done very well by timothee chalamet, because hes too serious in the beginnning and though paul does become more serious he is still a kid in the beginning and hasnt faced any of the troubles he faces yet, but in the beginning of the 2021 movie hes too serious. kyle maclachlan's paul from 1984 isnt perfect either but i think hes better a little... and it would be nice to own some animes too. i also went to the arcade recently it was fun, im good at guitar hero when its on easy mode.

February 25 2022

my first blog! and also, my birthday! today was my birthday, it was nice. not much happened but it was still nice, i ate cake and watched videos about elden ring since it came out today too. right now i am typing this and listening to eurobeat (deja vu from initial d). i was really excited to start up my own website and wanted the first blog post to be like the finalizer, so for the most part, my website is finished! :D!! i'd like to make more add-ons maybe in the future.

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