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Project A-ko (1986)

My score: 8.5/10

Inspired and referencing animes like Macross, Gundam, and others from the science fiction anime era, Project A-ko is a comedy action science fiction movie set in a futuristic Japan (or at least a Japanese speaking country), 16 years after an alien ship crashed into their Graviton City and left a giant crater. With the help of advanced technology, the city is able to rapidly rebuild. The story follows Eiko "A-ko" Magami, who is a normal high school girl who just happens to have superhuman speed and strength. A-ko and her childhood friend, Shiko "C-ko" Kotobuki move to a new high school and quickly encounter Biko "B-ko" Daitokuji, an elegant genius rich girl who develops an intense infatuation/obsession for C-ko and jealously over her close friendship to A-ko. B-ko proclaims herself and A-ko rivals and repeatedly challenges A-ko to duel with her robotic creations for C-ko's love. The two must put their rivalry aside when their beloved C-ko is kidnapped by an all-female humanoid alien race who believe C-ko is their kingdom's princess who has been missing for 16 years. I really enjoyed this movie and found the unexpected lesbian plotline to be quite cute. The movie has an incredible synth soundtrack that is very much a product of the 80's. However, because this movie is from the 80's, it does feature a few crude jokes and sterotypes (a racial stereotype and possibly a joke about drag queens or transgender women) that brought down the fun. It is pretty strange considering that the girls love story was taken comepletly seriously. Still, I really liked this movie, it was greatly animated and a good watch if you're into classic 80's science fiction.

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Key the Metal Idol (1994-1997)

My score: 8/10

A predecessor to cyberpunk, science fiction, technology, types of anime such as Serial Experiments Lain, Key the Metal Idol is an anime that I really liked! The basic synopsis: Tokiko Mima, AKA Key, is a robot trying to become a human after her scientist grandfather tells her she can achive this if she makes 30,000 friends. Key leaves her hometown of Mamio Valley for Tokyo and has the idea of becoming an idol to achieve her goal after watching the idol Miho Utsuse. The relationship between Key and her childhood friend, Sakura Kuriyagawya, is very cute and also very sad towards the end.. I really enjoyed watching despite the two extra long episodes as the finale that are full of exposition, due to budget and time. The anime opening is "In the Night" by Sario Kojima, a melancholic song fantastic in both its English and Japanese versions. Really, the opening is so outstanding I would probably still rate the series high even if I didn't like it as much, LOL. There are several aspects of the anime's story I found really neat, like the PPOR robots, robots that can be piloted by people (kind of like mechs, but instead the pilot is not actually in the robot, but pilots in a seperate machine. This machine is very physically grueling to use). There is a lot of cool imagery of the PPOR robots and just really neat imagery of Key in general as she 'wakes up' from her robotic state, there is a lot of neat scenes of her body changing and Key changing the environment around her. My verdict is that Key the Metal Idol is a good anime to watch if you're into animes like Serial Experiments Lain or NGE, I found it to be a really neat experience.. KTMI may be a little flawed but I still like it very much.

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